Starburst Free Spins: How does it work?

This game has been popular for so many years since it was launched in 2013. It involves matching jewellery pieces together which may seem like it’s so simple. You’d have to play it to know why people are still always going after this game. Another great thing aside from being fun is the bonus attached to the game. The starburst free spins are what attracts many users to try out the game.

Some casinos offer free spins with no deposit while some others make deposits a must before you can access the bonus. Users are particularly interested in the free spins because it means they don’t have to risk their money.

How does it work?

When you claim an offer from an online casino offering free spins, it’s not so hard to begin using it. You can start playing the Starburst game on the platform immediately. After the game launches, you will see the number of spins you have. If you don’t find any spins on the screen, you should be sure that it’s not your own money you are betting on. You can contact the casino’s support on their live chat to be sure.

Activating your free spins

All you need to do for most online casinos to claim the free spins is to simply sign up. For the sites that require a compulsory deposit, you will have to pay the minimum deposit before you can claim your free spins. Immediately after this, you will have access to your free spins.

Bonus Codes?

Another thing to look out for is if the casino requires that you enter a bonus code to access your free spins and also when you make a deposit. If that’s the case, you may need this code to access your free spins. You may find this code when you look at the cashier section in the drop-down menu of the website. If you cannot find the code or you are not sure, you can always contact the casino’s live chat or send them a mail so that you know how to claim your free spins.

Do you need Special skills?

When playing starburst with your free spins, you don’t need to do anything different other than just play. Nothing changes in the game and the same rules still apply. You will get a notification that you can start playing the game with your free spins. While playing you can also monitor the number of spins you’ve used so far and you can enjoy playing without worrying about risking your money.

Is it finished?

The sign on the screen indicating the number of spins you have will tell you how much free spins you have left. If you don’t see it at all, you will have to contact the live chat support on the platform. It’s however, normal to receive a message about your free spins. Every winning you get goes to the balance on your account. After you’ve spent your last spin, you will also get a message informing you about it. At this point, you’ll have to use your bonus or make a deposit to continue winning.